Passwords and how to handle them


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David Goodwin at 12:16 on 1 Oct 2016

thanks. entropy library looks really useful.

David Makin at 13:39 on 1 Oct 2016

Would like to see this transformed into a full talk with real site examples of how they fail.

A good general overview of passwords

Thanks for the good overview and introduction. I feel this topics has been done many times before, but judging from all the times it's still going wrong, there's a need for it! So keep up the good work of spreading the word.

Derek Kaye at 15:44 on 2 Oct 2016

Really good talk about the common pitfalls, and how they're easily avoidable.

Aisha Sie at 20:36 on 3 Oct 2016

Great overview of password best practices, concise and practical. Seeing password strength illustrated by entropy scores was a really good way to make this issue more tangible! While I definitely recommend this as a full talk for future tech conferences, I think you'd also find a good audience in non-tech events where people are even less aware of these rules. Please keep spreading the word!

Nigel Greenway at 08:22 on 4 Oct 2016

Covered the basics which are easy to forgot and were given out as a handy set of rules. Chris also went further into modern day password handling about password managers and how they integrate into web sites. Questions were answered well with good examples where required.