The first few milliseconds of HTTPS


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A fairly technical talk. Good to see the history of ssl and tls with some statistics.

What I enjoyed the most was the live demo and looking at Wireshark and seeing the different things that happen on each part of the request.

Ryan at 17:10 on 1 Oct 2016

Some good

Fantastic talk, covered a lot about the topic and answered questions well.

Anonymous at 12:32 on 2 Oct 2016

Rich Sage at 14:18 on 2 Oct 2016

At last some of the intricacies of HTTPS, TLS and similar make a lot more sense. Technical but the details were good to understand if you do any sort of work over a secure connection. I particularly enjoyed the just-right explanations of the key steps in establishing a connection with TLS (eg client creates random number, server does the same) without going too much into the really gnarly details. Thanks!

Really good talk, I like how the speaker was able to dive into the TLS details and made it easier to understand, I definitely learned much during the talk.
One improvement could be on the slides layout and when the layout had bullet points they were all showed in the same time, which made me read and try to listen in the same time. Doesn't decrease the quality level though, it's just a tiny improvement!

Really good talk explaining the first milliseconds of https connection. Shown some good examples and easy to follow. Could go more deeply into curiosities like heartbleed or http2

Very good talk, delivered seemingly effortless, with a lot of technicalities and a bit of humor on the side.
The talk is very well structured and that's probably why everything was so easy to follow.
I am in awe of how good you are at explaining the intricate technical details of almost anything.