Websockets and Torrents: A match made in PHP


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It was an interesting talk and well presented.

However, none of the code, and most of the text, on the slides was unreadable due to very poor contrast and small font. Plain black on white works a lot better then thin white letters on black.

Katy Anton at 12:09 on 2 Oct 2016

Great talk, engaging despite the light conditions. An interesting look at the problems and how to solve them when using websockets.

A lot to digest in the time frame but was a very informative talk. Presenter was clear, entertaining and the presentation was easy to follow.

For feedback, just needs to talk a little slower when talking through some of the more meaty slides.

Derek Kaye at 16:08 on 2 Oct 2016

A good talk following a problem through from start to end. As others have mentioned, it was a little quick in places and the screen contrast was low.

James Byrne at 16:23 on 2 Oct 2016

A very informative, clear and entertaining talk. James was unfortunately let down by the lighting in the room.

Slightly rushed in places but this is to be expected when covering a big subject in a small time frame.

I look forward to more talks from James in the future :)

Sitting at the front I could just about read the slides, but I can understand that without that the rating might be very negatively affected. It's a 4 because of that.
There was a lot to talk about so this talk was very fast-paced, but I felt it as worth it. James got the entire picture across for what certainly must be considered a non-trivial (and yet completely legal) websockets+torrent setup. Also: James is hilarious, and I'll watch whatever he comes up with next without question. Well done!

Ben Plummer at 14:13 on 3 Oct 2016

A great talk on an interesting topic. Covered all areas with in depth explanations and alternatives.

The delivery of the talk was really good with the audience being kept entertained and engaged throughout. The only feedback I can give is that sometimes I felt as though more time was needed to digest the information on some slides, however I respect that it is a difficult process finding a compromise between the amount of content and time restrictions of a talk.

Nigel Greenway at 08:44 on 4 Oct 2016

A great and engaging talk. Was nice to see an actual real world example with a problem to solve, especially with the context of the talk. Code examples were well explained and made me go away knowing that I have a solution on the problem if ever it occurred.

My only recommendation would be to slow down slightly when talking.