Monthly meetup of the PHP Quebec user group. This event will be held in English.

Thursday 7th September 2017

Why Are Browser Tests So Hard?
Talk by Paige Saunders (1 hour)

Anyone who has ever setup browser test suites knows they are so often a flakey nightmare, especially when a single page app is involved. However as the holy grail of testing they can save organisations a lot of time and money if you can pull them off. Paige Saunders from IserveU/Turbulent has worked with both Protractor and Laravel Dusk over the last year enough to achieve the grand position of "person with tests that are slightly less flakey and slightly less of a nightmare". He's here to give you all the shortcuts he can to help make your testing experience as painless as possible. We'll be covering the basics that apply to all testing like dividing up your test suite and flagging problematic tests to Browser specific issues like element visibility and presence, page load order, clickability and JSON Web Tokens.