The main goal of Machine Learning is to create intelligent systems that can improve and acquire new knowledge through input. In practice this translates into the use of one of hundreds of different algorithms available. Based on the PHP-ML library I want to present different classes of problems and how to use them. I will also show you how to build an entire pipeline by which we go through all the ML stages: preprocessing, choosing algorithms, and evaluating its effectiveness.


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Unusual use-case for PHP and a good intro to ML overall. Arkadiusz used Russia-specific data sets to make the point and it worked. At this point ML with PHP is slow but with PHP 7.4 FFI and Dmitry Stogov bindings for TensorFlow it could turn into another real use case for the language.

Ruslan Hanov at 11:16 on 20 May 2019

`Unusual use-case for PHP and a good intro to ML overall` by Alexander Makarov