- Why do we need an ORM?
- ActiveRecord vs DataMapper.
- Persist, topological dependencies sorting.
- Implementing persistence layer with iterative depth sorting.
- Cycle ORM overview.


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Patrik Foldes at 12:10 on 13 May 2020

Too fast speech, the synchronous translator had a very hard time trying to keep up. I myself could not understand half of the talk.

The content was great. Loved the graphs part. Really explains how ORMs work.

Интересный доклад и тема. Пересмотрю еще раз. Т.к. онлайн еще череват и тем, что отвлекают на проекты :)

Hanna Stolman at 00:27 on 14 May 2020

I hope that CycleOrm will be a good alternative for Doctrine