"Great News –The Relational Model is Dead" was a prominent comment on the release of the new SQL standard in 1999. The message behind the provoking statement was that SQL has evolved beyond the relational model. As much as this move was discussed at that time, it took decades until database vendors caught up with this idiomatic change. Many developers haven't heard of it until today.
This talk provides the big picture on the evolution of SQL and introduces some selected modern SQL features by example. You will see that SQL has changed as much as our requirements have changed over the past decades.


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Unique talk performed flawlessly. Caused "how come I haven't used all that". Highly recommended.

Excellent report. Made me pay attention to some new items that I missed. But they are useful.Thanks.

Quite interesting!

Very interesting

Hanna Stolman at 00:25 on 14 May 2020

It is awesome!