In this talk you will learn what PSR-6 and PSR-16 are, why they are designed like they are, what the differences are, and how to use them. From the provided interfaces, the virtual package on, to the implementations available. Everything will be explained for both beginners and more experienced developers. We will dive into implementations, cache stampede protection, all using libraries we can find on We will also show how to start using it today in our current applications by using adapters. The entire talk will be accompanied with code samples and live demos, showing both working and failing caching systems.


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Good takeouts, but didn't like the repeating examples with foos and bars

Arnout Boks at 18:20 on 31 May 2018

Really comprehensive talk, and well delivered. Everything you need to know about caching in 2018 packed into one talk.

Just a small bit of advice: Maybe the explanation of stampede protection can be made more clear by first showing what happens without stampede protection when a 'high-traffic' cache item expires.