The blockchain is a hot new topic in the technology due to the rise of various cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin being a most prominent example. How does it work? What advantages does it give? What problems do they solve? What problems can be solved that way? I want you to dive with me into the immutable world of blocks where I will explain everything, from a simple hash, through Merkle trees, up to implementing your own blockchain.


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Great talk!

Nemanja Maric at 22:36 on 27 May 2018

For my opinion, little bit fast, but nice talk.

A bit "hard to understand" english, but god knowledge shared

I hoped for an example of an app build using PHP and blockchain. Maybe that instead of cryptocurrencies crash course. :)
The speaker himself said he only scratched the surface but the talk is titled Dive deep into blockchain...
All in all it was a decent talk, just not what I expected from the title.

Arnout Boks at 18:08 on 31 May 2018

I would have loved some more advanced content about how exactly Merkle trees are used with blockchain (that didn't become clear to me), how consensus works in a practical context and how much data to put into a block. Still it was a nice talk, and a good overview of blockchain, although in my opinion not really a 'deep dive'.