Event Sourcing can look like an attractive solution for any of your applications, but does it actually pay off? What if it is all just buzzwords and no gain? We’ll look at how we implemented event sourcing in our own app, code-reviews.io:
- what made us fast
- what made us super slow
- what made us cry

This talk will give you a good idea of what kind of challenges you will encounter when approaching event sourcing for the first time.


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Marco is absolutely a great speaker. Making such a complex topic fun and engaging is quite an achievement. That said I do remember more of the jokes than the serious matter, but that might be just me or the fact that it was the last talk of the day.

Arnout Boks at 18:15 on 31 May 2018

A very informational talk! The practical examples really helped to illustrate some of the practical issues that may come with ES, and how to overcome them. For me the beginning of the talk with the introductory overview of ES concepts was a bit too basic though. It was a pity that you ran out of time, because I would have wanted to see some more of the 'compilcated' parts and how you treated those. That would make the talk really stand out from all other ES talks that have become the hype recently.