Have you tried to write a Chatbot for multiple messaging platforms like Facebook or Slack? It is quite cumbersome as each messaging platform has its own way of communicating with your application. Let us find out how to simplify this task and create an intelligent Chatbot using PHP and BotMan.


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Nemanja Maric at 22:38 on 27 May 2018

For sure 5+ stars, one of the best talks.

Best practical takeout from this conference

Most entertaining talk for me, great examples and the demo was cool too, I will definitely give BotMan a try.

Robert Basic at 07:34 on 29 May 2018

The speaker has put in a lot of effort into this talk, especially as they made a tool specific for this talk, so they can do "inline" demos. Best technical talk for me for this conference, from start to finish, it was a job well done.

Arnout Boks at 18:10 on 31 May 2018

I really liked this talk! The demo's (both inline and the Telegram demo at the end) were really nice, the content very comprehensive and the delivery spot on. Everything you need to start building a chatbot!