If you look at the stage of any conference in the PHP world, people are preaching testing,testing,testing ... If you on the other hand look at the community, the percentage of people writing tests is really low.

As a person who went from 'How can I ask for more time/money/resources for testing?' through 'ask for forgiveness instead of permission', to person who writes tests a lot, I still believe testing doesn't make sense. No, it doesnt make sense for all and everyone, often enough it makes no sense for me too.

This talk will explore that fuzzy line when you have to shift your mind from one side to the other: in both directions.


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Milan Urukalo at 15:19 on 26 May 2018

Miro is great speaker!

Nemanja Maric at 22:35 on 27 May 2018

Miro good as always.

Scoring as usual

Good talk with catchy title. Handled the stage well. Could use some more emphasys on point that you are trying to make.

Robert Basic at 07:32 on 29 May 2018

Despite the technical difficulties at the beginning, the speaker handled it well and didn't allow it to affect his performance.

The talk was a bit on the "controversial" side with a couple of points, but we need talks like this to question the status quo.

He is an amazing speaker and kudos for not being rattled one bit (or at least not looking like it) from all the technical issues and even turning them into a joke tied to the topic.

The topic is indeed "controversial" for many but very interesting and deserves attention. I loved the analogy with the buildings, that worked really well.

Talking to people after the talk and swing some responses on Twitter, I think that many might have misunderstood the core message and simply dismissed it as "we should not test anything ever", which I think wasn't the case at all.