All of a sudden, it happens! Your site is receiving tons of traffic and is folding under the pressure. What can be done to make your system more scalable, what are the key point in organizing code and services so they can take the load.

The talk will cover the first lines of defense using Varnish, denormalizing data so it can be queried faster, usage of search engines (SphinxSearch) and key-value stores (Redis). It also provides background on how to still keep the site individual for every user.

Focus will be on the use of open source software and medium-sized service APIs to deliver the best possible experience for the customer.

Can you afford not to be prepared for the big traffic storm?


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Nemanja Maric at 22:34 on 27 May 2018

5+ stars

Love the real life examples


Robert Basic at 07:29 on 29 May 2018

Nicely presented talk with real life examples.