Many Git users tend to use Git as a save point, like in a video game; chronologically making checkpoint commits as they go. This spreads out changes to the same areas in the code over several commits, necessitates merging and resolving conflicts, and generally just making an incomprehensible jumble of your history. This talk makes a case for atomic commits and how to use them while only minimally affecting your workflow.

Using pre-recorded demos, you'll learn how to properly interactively rebase, fix up, reset, bisect, and more. By the end of the talk, you'll have seen how this Git flow will make your life easier and how it will affect your ability to cherry pick, drop unwanted commits, and most importantly: not spend hours resolving conflicts in rebase hell. A little change in habits can go a very long way!


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Marcel Pociot at 15:31 on 25 May 2019

I think this was an excellent talk that gave a lot of very useful tips about how to make effective use of git.
The pre recorded demos were not too long and helped understand the mentioned concepts in a good way.
Thank you for the talk, Pauline

Great talk about best practices for your everyday git workflow

Awesome talk! Covered the theory very well and also nice demos and practical example. Loved it, thank you for the talk.

Great talk. Very useful

Pauline Vos (Speaker) at 18:04 on 25 May 2019

Thank you for the wonderful comments so far :)

Well done talk.

Miša Ković at 12:26 on 26 May 2019

Good talk, nicely covered with pre-recorded demos. It covers Git in an approachable way

Excellent talk, enough funny to keep your mood good and stay concentrated

Also could we get a link for the slides, I am squashing "Removed TODO" commits already :)

Pauline Vos (Speaker) at 12:12 on 27 May 2019

Hey Radoje,

I don't have the slides anywhere cause I have yet to find a place that supports video and gifs, unfortunately :( If you DM me on Twitter I can send you a good recording though (it's not officially public yet).

Nenad Mitic at 21:53 on 27 May 2019

Great talk, great examples, super useful!

Miro Svrtan at 17:49 on 29 May 2019

Great talk, very good connections between theory and speaker experiences!