Version 7 radically changed PHP’s position in the context of performance and sparked considerable renewed enthusiasm around the language. With the ever-changing technology landscape, we’re not sitting idle in the development team – and are already hard at work on new technologies and capabilities that will keep PHP as the technology of choice for years to come. In this session, we will tell the story of how PHP 7 was conceived and the impact it has on the PHP space, as well as provide a glimpse into some of the research projects that will likely make it into the next major version of PHP, designed to ensure PHP stays relevant with emerging technology paradigms.


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Great story about PHP history and the future.

Awesome talk, great presentation skills and very interesting. I especially liked the personal part and the history. Thank you!

Excellent way back to previous PHP versions


Good dive into PHP history and well presented. A solid keynote. Talk could be improved with some names of developrs who implemented big features.

Miša Ković at 12:21 on 26 May 2019

Good talk, great speaker. His English could be a little more understandable

Marjan at 20:22 on 26 May 2019

Great talk!

Milan Urukalo at 21:59 on 26 May 2019

Great! I cant wait for PHP8, Zeev introduce really nice set of improvements what it will bring!

Lazar T. at 09:34 on 27 May 2019

Thank you! Great Key Note!!!!

Nenad Mitic at 21:10 on 27 May 2019

Nice talk about the past and future plans

Miro Svrtan at 17:20 on 29 May 2019

Really good talk from a great speaker.. I was amazed by some facts and bit ashamed I was not even aware of them for years (like this is 2nd time JIT is being implemented).

BTW. level of technical details that speaker went to is amazing, he went so deep yet explained all of the things so nicely that while I felt on some topics it swooshed over my head next few minutes covered all of the needed explanations

Definitely a nice talk.