The Big Ball of Mud is the most serious problem I see in the majority of the code bases I look at.

But why do we keep falling into that trap? What are the root problems behind it? How can we avoid, escape, and stay out of it?

In this talk, you will learn about the architecture mental map I use to answer these questions. We will briefly revisit a few established software development and architecture ideas and see how you can put them in your service to help keep the mud out of your application.

The main topics of the talk are:

The Big Ball of Mud problem
Overview of DDD, Hexagonal, Onion, Screaming, Clean, CQRS
How to organise the code base to reflect architecture boundaries
How to maintain the architecture boundaries


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I feel like there was too much content inside this single talk. Software architecture IS very important, especially for being able to adopt new features / changes quickly and maintenance, security, etc.

However, I feel like it were too many graphs and too many different architectures introduced. You could easily fill a full day just with DDD, also a full day about CQRS, a single talk about onion layers and so on. All of this together in 1 talk felt a bit overwhelming and I'm not sure how much people not familiar with those architectures / concepts already could really follow.

Some of the questions asked at the end (e.g. refactoring 1 Million LOC or what to do with a legacy application or what framework has the best architecture) showed imo that many people in the audience couldn't really follow or are not able to apply even basic concepts of the talk.

Thank you for the talk though and kudos for answering that many questions at the end.

expected more

Drasko Mikic at 11:28 on 26 May 2019

I liked how history of architecture was presented and explained on high level.

Milan Urukalo at 22:08 on 26 May 2019

Well prepared and showed introduce to architectural problems and solutions in modern programming

Great talk with more than just theoretical this and that.

Nenad Mitic at 21:11 on 27 May 2019

Nice intro into DDD, the graphs seemed a bit too complex to take in quickly during the talk. Perhaps something a little less detailed?

Mário Pálka at 10:13 on 29 May 2019

Great talk, well prepared, good summary of architecture concepts of these days. Also images are very detailed. Mainly for advanced developers I would say, but good start point to learn all topics more deeply afterwards.

Miro Svrtan at 17:56 on 29 May 2019

For me, this was a great talk, having so many different architectural models shown I felt a bit overwhelmed but would not have changed anything.

I feel that maybe this talk is just not meant for everyone, I guess some years ago I would have been completely overwhelmed, not being able to follow the details. Watering it down to try to cater for less experienced crowd would make it uninteresting for more experienced ones, I would love to see more speakers doing 'advanced' topics like this, not being affraid cause it might fly over some peoples heads.

Saying that, this talk would probably be more appropriate for the smaller room on the conference, some people might have wondered in to main track thinking this will be more generalistic approach.

Four stars because the talk contained a bit too much information for 60mins.

It really started off awesome, but somewhere in the middle we all really started losing the thread and it became a bit overwhelming to follow to the end.

All in all, the topic was great, but I would suggest splitting this into at least two separate talks.