Today it's crystal clear why we need unit tests. Even integration and acceptance tests are quite common. However, none of these tests is generally run in a production environment.

Well, are you sure that your web pages are working in production after your newest feature was deployed? Discover SmokeTests (as well called sanity or availability tests) and why every web development team should have them set up. You'll learn how easy it is to set them up and how to run them. During the presentation, there will be code examples based on the open source library DjThossi/smoke-testing-php available on GitHub. The library got build for making it easy to run SmokeTests and start testing old and new projects within a couple of minutes.


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Interesting talk

Great presentation, good content, nice slides.

However, I missed the real advantage of performing Smoke Tests, at least the way it was recommended in the talk.
Let's say it's a (large) eCommerce site with 100,000 products - why would you request all those 100,000 URLs instead of for example just the important site features like checkout, homepage, main categories and a few products (e.g. 5)? If the application is properly tested (unit, integration and acceptance) it is almost impossible that something goes wrong.

Yes, of course, the data is different on production compared to CI where the tests run, but for those few very rare cases there should be proper server monitoring, logging and exception handling in place. If the production data is the problem, is it really the task of CI / CD to run smoke tests against all 100,000 product URLs? Maybe, maybe not. I would have loved to hear more information about that, where the real gain of the Smoke Tests are. It's always a trade-off (among costs and the outcome) and I'm really not sure how much the value here is (for a lot of dev work, maintaining the URL lists, CI server time, waiting time before it gets deployed, etc.).

Otherwise a great talk and thank you for presenting it. It's always great to see how other companies / teams do things.

Good talk with nice solutions to problems

Mário Pálka at 10:28 on 29 May 2019

Thank you for nice talk about testing overall. I like the idea of smoke testing during deploy process and consult our server architecture with colleges. Thank you also for nice PHP package for smoke testing using PHPUnit.