PHP has its own treasure chest of classic mistakes that surprises even the most seasoned expert: code that dies just by changing its namespace, strpos() that fails to find strings or arrays that changes without touching them. Do that get on your nerves too? Let's make a list of them, so we can always teach them to the new guys, spot them during code reviews and kick them out of our code once and for all. Come on, you're not frightening us!


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Interesting theme and presentation

Awesome speaker and presentation, great content, just perfect. Thanks for the talk.

Ivana Matic at 16:32 on 26 May 2019

Interesting and interactive way of talk, it keeps attention. Very useful content.

Nenad Mitic at 22:08 on 27 May 2019

Great talk. Downside: made me feel like a complete newbie :D

Great talk with a lot of useful examples

Miša Ković at 12:24 on 29 May 2019

Superb talk, it would have been fun that it was held before the quiz so we could check our knowledge and what we learnt at the talk

Awesome lecture with great examples