While many people describe themselves as framework X or Y developer, trends that has been driven by job adverts as well, being a good developer is mostly accepting your tool does not create your value. Speaking of framework agnostic development, showing similarities and interoperability between the major frameworks, Thomas is aiming to demonstrate how software architecture and a good understanding of programming paradigms are more important that knowing the syntax of the tool you are using, unless you want to do some Rapid Application Development.


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Miro Svrtan at 18:12 on 29 May 2019

Great talk, while I was sure I would give it a clean 5* rating, I think there are a number of improvements to do (nothing big). I do think speaker was really good, understandable and pretty fluent, topic was covered great with examples.

For 5*:
- be less nervous, your walking around while being really calm showed you are not (and thats coming from person who really runs marathons on the stage)
- dont tell us you have dont it more quickly than you expected :)
- you had lots of questions, I would love to see some of them incorporated into the talk
- while how and what were nailed, I think you should give some priority to why (not only for switching frameworks but upgrading) and maybe try to give some examples of how much of time difference is to do something in framework suggested way vs what you propose