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I found the subject matter very interesting, but found myself nodding off a few times. Not sure whether it was due to the conference room being extremely hot and stuffy today compared to yesterday, or the inexperienced speaker, or both, but unfortunately I am probably going to have to put it down to the speaker being inexperienced since I didn't have the same problem when any of the other people were giving their talks. I really don't enjoy the format of the slides either, it was just as bad as using Comic Sans font, but thats just my personal opinion. Considering that it was the first time Zander has given a talk, I felt that he did a much better job.

I found the content of the talk to be quite interesting, but I agree with Ashley - the formatting of the slides didn't really work with the projector. I did see the slides before the talk and it didn't seem like it would be a problem, but maybe a font colour with a bit more contrast would have helped.
Aside from that, I enjoyed Chris' delivery and was also definitely affected by the dim light and the stuffiness of the room.

Anonymous at 19:18 on 6 Apr 2014