Beyond PHP:It is not (just) about the code


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I found this talk extremely informative and interesting, and thoroughly enjoyed it in contrast to the subject material in the other talks which seemed to overlap on a few things, where this one was pretty much original in every aspect.

Really enjoyed this talk - full of real-world horror stories and their clever solutions. Talks like these are really valuable because few people have the depth and breadth of experience to pull them off convincingly

Loved the client stories. Excellent job of linking the content of the talk to the stories. Often people forget that it is not just about the code, but also the tools we use along with the code. I really hope to see more presentations similar to this one. Wim was also amazing on stage. Very calm and clear. Hope to see him in SA again.

I enjoyed the practical examples - things that actually happened in production. Good job.

Wim gave us a great talk on the benefits and looking outside our applications to better understand the importance and impact of careful design and coding considerations. I thoroughly loved the real world examples.