Building & Deploying PHP Apps with Phing


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Anonymous at 18:15 on 5 Apr 2014

Definitely gonna be trying phing out. Very informative presentation. Thanks

I found this talk very informative and interesting. When Phing was briefly discussed yesterday, I was pretty clueless what the point was, but I am glad that this presentation cleared things up for me. I now see how Phing can be useful and am considering replacing our current deployment tool, Capistrano, with Phing.

Michiel was probably the most confident presenter at the conference - excellent delivery, interesting subject-matter and aside from the small hiccup with projector (Linux can be a bitch sometimes, eh?) - a faultless presentation

Phing seems great, and you presented much useful information regarding how it is used. Would have loved to hear more about why you would recommend this over other build processes and tools. Well presented.

Michiel touched on something close to my heart as a long time Ant dependant. Phing brings that extra level of control to continuous integration setups and, being a native PHP coder, a wonderful freedom to extend. Michiel's talk was comprehensive and clear and has inspired me to begin some serious system cleanups.