Scaling PHP in the Real World


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Anonymous at 18:13 on 5 Apr 2014

Presented very quickly. Point were clear and concise. Enjoyed it, thanks.

The speaker is like a machine. Speaking so quickly without making a single mistake is simply astounding. I actually enjoyed the quick pace of the talk because it didn't give me a single moment to get distracted. Awesome talk, well done!

Dustin is a real pro - faultless talk, great delivery, didn't feel like a sales pitch even though he is the Dev Evangelist for AppDynamics. The fast pace was delivered flawlessly and very authoritatively. This is how you do a tech talk!

It is very clear that this guy has been on stage before. Very good job of bringing his point across and very good job at covering multiple scenarios. Handled himself extremely well during Q&A as well.

Best delivery of the conference.