Programming is an artisanal trade and thus your output is maximally bound by your available time. By covering the well know (but underused) classic “Gang of Four” Design Patterns from a PHP perspective, I intend to provide a way for you to get the most out of your limited time.

Design Patterns are generalized, reusable solutions to common recurring design challenges in Object Orientated programming. They essentially provide you and your team with larger abstractions with which to solve problems – thereby allowing you to more rapidly solve more complex problems. Design Patterns also help avoid subtle design issues that may not be apparent until the development of a system is well underway (and the design can no longer be easily changed). This leads to more extensible and maintainable systems. By correctly applying Design Patterns, you generally end up achieving most of the SOLID principles by mistake…

My talk will focus on using a subset of the 23 Design Patterns in PHP and how they can provide some ingenious solutions to problems we regularly solve in both web-based (MVC) and CLI PHP environments. I will highlight PHP-specific language features that facilitate the patterns as well as provide code snippets to help make these highly abstract ideas more accessible. I intend to bridge everyone from UML to useful code.

This is a hardcore programming talk.


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Duwayne Brown at 11:54 on 29 Sep 2017

Thanks for the insight Brad.

It was very informative, and for someone who has handled/thought about design patterns before, the examples and metaphors allowed remembering unused design principles really easy to relate to.

Your passion and immense knowledge of the subject can easily be experienced during the talk.

I think going forward you could add the word "advanced" to your name, since there were a few people who were expecting the touch-base lecture thus-far experienced at the conference - and received a badass lecture instead.

Thanks for your reference to the book and all your resource materials to make it easier to follow up.

Consider convincing someone to do an OOP talk preceding yours ;-)

Great ??

Musa at 12:27 on 29 Sep 2017

Well presented with practical examples of how you solved real time problems in your workplace.I wouldnt have presented it any better.Great staff.

The talk was great from passionate point of view from the speaker, who you could tell was very interested in the topic being covered.

I personally was expecting a few more practical examples (like the last one with the signup process, and nice real word use case for a design pattern) but I can understand the need to cover quite a bit of theory because most of us probably haven't seen or used these patterns consciously since college.

My only other criticism is maybe try and slow down ;) There was a lot to cover but some of the concepts can be a bit HG for people who aren't very familiar with all these concepts. But overall still an enjoyable talk.

REALLY good talk!! I wish more PHP developers would start adopting at least some of these design principles!

Loved the slides with all the information, detail and examples!

Seagyn Davis at 21:09 on 3 Oct 2017

Really great talk - one of my favourites. We're already applying these in our business (well trying to). Super informative.