I love to get better as a developer and when I get rewarded for that even better! In this session we'll have a look at ten tools that make our lives as developers easier and along the way allow us to become better as a developer. Services like Github or Bitbucket allow us to communicate with one another about code while Scrutinizer, Code-Climate or Insight can give us valuable informations on how to improve our coding skills and easily bring our code to a better level. Suddenly tedious tasks like writing unittests, reducing cyclomatic complexity and adding documentation can become entertaining and rewarding. All this because we all strive to get high marks, 100% or a green button. So let's see what the benefits of the different tools are and how we can integrate them into our build-chain.


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This was a very interesting talk, that took a turn for the better when Andreas started talking about various tools one could use to help gamify ones growth as a developer. I was expecting this to be more a light hearted talk and not one where I'd be bookmarking so many pages.

This reminded me of a time when I used Beanstalk as a VCS, and it had weekly commit stats, and I always wanted to be on top, so I could relate to what Andreas was talking about.

This talk would greatly benefit any developers who are interested in testing as well as starting a project (open source or not). The insights and ideas were inspiring.

Overall a really interesting talk, and glad got to hear it.

U PARKER at 11:04 on 29 Sep 2017

Extremely interesting talk. Gamification for developers mitigates the boredom that often comes with writing tests. The tools Andreas mentioned in his talks are well worth looking into. Overall a useful talk.

Marius Brits at 11:29 on 29 Sep 2017

Really interesting discussion! Awesome!

Development is and should be fun! If its not, this is an awesome way to get your game on!!

I really enjoyed the talk.

I enjoyed the different approaches you spoke about, but I feel like the talk is missing a conclusion where multiple aspects are combined into an app or system that allows one to keep track of them.

I’m reminded of the SilverStripe ecosystem (http://addons.silverstripe.org/add-ons/silverstripe/sqlite3 for example) that offers a score for each module. The score is composed of different metrics, like code quality (tests, conformance to a recommended standard, included docs) so that high-quality modules surface more easily.

It would be great if something similar existed, to be able to see how well I am doing in a particular project or all my open source projects. That’s not a failure of this talk, but I do feel that the talk needs to resolve in some ways of drawing all these individual strands together. The talk doesn’t otherwise sell the benefits enough for my tastes.

As a team lead, I feel like adding some gamification into our dev process may just help add a little more fun to the sometimes difficult job of meeting dead lines and pushing out features. This is another talk I will be coming back to the slides of to steal the URL's.