At 14 years old, WordPress powers nearly 30% of the entire internet (and it's growing every day!) - that is no small feat for any project. It managed this because of the active community and that surrounds it - a community that understands that a healthy, growing platform is about far more than just code. In this talk I'll look at what we can learn from the history of WordPress and how you can apply the same principles to growing your own platform, project or community.


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Lauren Els at 19:16 on 29 Sep 2017

Thanks Hugh! As a part time marketer and jack of many but master of none, you sure bridged the gap on how to connect a fresh new solution to the market that deserves it! Some very helpful and practical tips here and really enjoyed listening to you. Now I know how to better equip clients who ask how to get further reach with their newly developed software too! Absolute Gem!