You've got strange characters like "�" or "ö" display in your application? Yes, handling non-English characters in application code, files and databases can be a challenge, to say the least. Whether that's German Umlauts, Cyrillic letters, Asian Glyphs or Emojis: It's always a mess in an international application. In this session you will see why that is and how handling characters evolved in computing. You will also see how handling characters in applications and databases can be done less painfully. And don't worry when EBCDIC, BOM or ISO-8859-7 are Greek to you and your Unicode is a bit rusty: we'll have a look at them too!


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Schalk Keun at 13:05 on 28 Sep 2017

Thanks Andreas, made it so much clearer why we are actually using UTF-8 and never knew why my MySQL db's freaked out with using some characters. Great humour also.

U PARKER at 13:23 on 28 Sep 2017

Great talk. Bytes right into the core of it all (pun intended). All those pesky MySQL charsets are explained.

John Roux at 14:35 on 28 Sep 2017

Awesome talk, really in depth analysis delivered in a really easy way to understand and really well formatted :)

Very informative and insightful talk.