Got an idea for a product or service? Laravel is the perfect framework to get you up and running, fast! In this workshop, we'll take a simple product idea and build it into a live web app. We'll learn about how to set build PHP application logic, how to bolt on a Javascript front-end, how to deploy with Forge, and even how to manage domains and SSL certificates. By the end, you'll know everything you need to make your idea a reality.


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Firstly, thanks for the informative talk. I sadly had to leave early so I missed the parts I really wanted to hear but that is no fault of yours.

If I could give one piece of constructive feedback, expecting every attendee of your workshop to be running the same OS as you and therefore being able to install the same software as you are is, I feel, a little short sighted. Based on the fact that Laravel offers many options in setting up a development environment and web server, it might be useful to have dedicated a single slide to setting things up on alternative systems.

I appreciate that you cannot dedicate time in your workshop for all the different set ups, so maybe even an explanation of the requirements for the workshop in the workshop description may have been useful.

Otherwise a great workshop, thank you.

While a nwecomer to Laravel specifically, Chris was able to clearly demonstrate and describe the ways of building ideas rapidly with Laravel to someone who has used other frameworks.

This workshop served as a great intro to Laravel. Highlighting its features, and how one can use it to quickly get an idea in a live environment with little trouble. The reason I didn't give this 5/5is because I felt there was too much to cover in this workshop for a 2.5 hour window, that the speaker ended up going so fast a lot of people who tried to participate with him ended up having to watch and listen rather because they couldn't keep up. Some of my co-workers who were with me (and new to Laravel) found it very informative but very quickly lost track when trying to keep up. Otherwise a great demonstration, I'd suggest just either cutting some ideas or expanding the length slightly.

Thanks for sharing this process and walking us through it. It was a bit fast paced. I would have liked to follow along with the activities during the workshop but wasn't able to keep up.