This session will dive into Composer's guts to see which choices we made worked and which ones did not. After six years and a few hundred thousand users, the Composer code has been through many iterations, problems and successes. Let's have a retrospective to see what we can learn from it.


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Schalk Keun at 13:47 on 28 Sep 2017

Thanks. Was thinking of doing more open source projects and seeing what you had to go through, it will make me think twice of actually just jumping into just any new idea or project.

Matt Vosloo at 14:31 on 28 Sep 2017

Awesome talk, was great to listen to how such a big project like Composer was build and how relatable the issues they have faced.

John Roux at 14:37 on 28 Sep 2017

Really cool talk. Great to see the cost side of being an OSS Maintainer. Really appreciated :)
Hope you have an awesome holiday while you're here ✈

In some weird and twisted way it is always good to know that other developers suffer. No, wait, that doesn't sound right!

What I meant to say is that Jordi highlighted one of the core issues that many developers, and development teams, face - and that is the issue of the long and arduous journey that we sometimes have to take before an application is born. He took us on an interesting journey to document just that in a way that the tensions of the project were palpable in the auditorium.

A lot of wise words of wisdom and we thank you for sharing with us!

This talk was really interesting, and painted a great picture of what it is like to run a major open-source project from a developer and project manager standpoint. I enjoyed hearing about the ups and downs of running Composer all these years, and especially all the coding issues they had to work around.

Overall a very enjoyable talk, it would have been interesting to maybe hear more about the management side if Jordi has anymore points or stories from that point of view, but either way I'd highly recommend this talk for developers and especially anyone looking into or running a growing open source project.

James Titcumb at 11:27 on 29 Sep 2017

I like the fact that the various components are broken out and actually re-usable, like jsonlint (which I used in a real project recently). Thanks, great talk.