Chatbots and conversational agents have become very popular in the recent years and there is a huge research effort to automate conversations in several applications. What are Chatbots? How can it benefit you? How do you write the code for it? These questions will be answered during the session with step by step directions so you can easily follow along. Come join me and build your first Chatbot!


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Fantastic talk, Opened up a whole new world into conversational scripts to handle tasks and answer questions. I never knew botman was such a nice api. thank you for bringing that to me in an understandable way.

Schalk Keun at 12:17 on 27 Sep 2017

Loved it, will change how we will be able to make changes in the future of our company.

This was loads of fun. I'm excited to try and create a chat bot, and thanks to the examples and references to tools I can use, I know where to start.

I don't have any meaningful criticisms of the workshop, but I do have a comment about the venue. It seems like the head-count wasn't matched to the number of chairs in the room; so a few people had to wait for quite a while to get seats and table-tops to work on. I get that there can be a certain number of people one assumes will give the workshops a miss, and that having to bring new chairs in isn't the end of the world; but the venue took so long to do it that they were making distracting table set-up noises 40 minutes into the talk. That's distracting for the speaker (who did a great job of concentrating nonetheless) and attendees trying to join in and/or concentrate on the workshop.

I believe it's the first time the conference is at this venue, so it's natural to have some first-time issues; and I want to stress that I don't think the conference or speaker could have done any better here. Purely a venue-related thing.

[I'll cross-post this to the general conference comments, but I wanted to say it here for context]

Did not realsie how easy it actually was the existing tools to build a simple chatbot. Thanks Tessa

This was a really great talk, it was a nice introduction into chatbots and the concepts of chatops. Tessa was a great speaker and made good use of letting attendees catch up by mentioning other tools and fun anecdotes of her travels.The only downside to this workshop was the very simple nature of the practical, but on the plus side the tools we used opened up many possibilities for future projects. Overall I really enjoyed this session, and would recommend it to other developers.

Justin Mathew at 13:41 on 29 Sep 2017

Great talk, demo and resources

Really enjoyed this talk. Great to have an international speaker and also yay for having a lady!

It was easy to follow and we were able to walk through the steps needed to set up the chatbot. Even though I didn't have a laptop at first, I was still able to catch up in my own time and complete the walk through.

Lauren Els at 18:58 on 29 Sep 2017

Came in as a complete Novis, left with an awesome chatbot! Content delivered clearly, consisely and kept my attention the entire time! So much Fun! Thank you Tessa!