Feeling hungry? You’ve come to the right place! As APIs have become increasingly more important and popular in usage in the past few years in web development, it is important to understand the basics of what they are and why to use them. I will be going over the basics: The What’s, Why’s, Where’s, and When’s. You will learn the basics of REST APIs and I will show you how you can use POSTMAN to test making REST API calls. I will use Cisco’s Spark and Tropo as use case examples of working with APIs.


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This talk was a neat introduction to consuming REST APIs. Your workshop kinda spoiled me for hearing about the Spark API.

The only bit of feedback I have is that it seemed a little short.

Very nice talk. It serves as a nice introduction to RESTful APIs and how to use them. Being a more seasoned user of RESTful APIs this talk didn't cover any new information for me personally, it would have been great to have some more examples with maybe using different auth mechanisms for example. But overall an enjoyable talk that I'd recommend to anyone looking to gain some exposure to RESTful APIs.

Musa at 13:40 on 29 Sep 2017

Good basics talk but sounded a little too basic and not generic and you kind of didnt bring that life that matches your very big profile but overally enjoyed it.

As mentioned by other reviewers was a good intro talk. Being a bit more senior I was hoping for something that may inform me as well which is really the only reason it doesn't have 5 thumbs up.

Great intro into understanding what REST APIS are and how to consume them.

Seagyn Davis at 21:05 on 3 Oct 2017

I was hoping for a bit of a revelation when it comes to Rest APIs and best practices, especially with PHP. It wasn't a bad talk and the content was neat although a little short.