Database version control without pain?


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Harrie didn't seem as comfortable with this talk as he normally is, and the tannoy announcement and rendition of Happy Birthday from below didn't help.
As an overview of a few tools that can be used to handle migrations through different code branches, it was informative about what can and can't be done; but perhaps a bit too "dry"

A tricky subject to talk about but one that gets little attention usually so full credit to Harrie for tackling this subject.

I really liked that the process towards finding a solution was taken through step by step so we could clearly see the limitations of each solution.

i also enjoyed talking to Harrie after the talk about how Facebook handles its deployments for codebases and databases and I think it would be great to see the subject of seamless deployment as part of this talk or in its own talk from him because he has some good insights.

The announcements and nearby kids birthday didn't help here but that wasn't Harrie's fault and I think he did really well to hold the talk together through the problems - taking the hand held mic was a good move and an option that could have been used by previous speakers in this room.

Tristan Bailey at 20:24 on 19 Jul 2015

In was interesting talk that kept coming back to the upfront bullets to help us follow along. In effect two talks one to introduce the areas and there is no ONE solution and then a comparisons of the packages and paid options Php/MySQL devs could use which all aim to help. So I enjoyed it and it's good to know which programming problems down have a solution to find yet.

The talk is a good introduction to different DB migration/provisioning/seeding tools, but it could really go more into the difficulties met in each scenario, and how to deal with them.

I'd suggest skipping on a few tools (mentioning only is perfectly legit!) and going with a more in-depth use-case with the tools the speaker is most familiar with.