Don't code, bake. An introduction to CakePHP


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Having used Laravel for some time now, I thought it was time to check out CakePHP and see what the fuss was about. David helped me to see the practical benefits and latest features of CakePHP as a RAD tool with convention over configuration, and has inspired me to check it out for myself - being impressed with what is now on offer. Always good to have more tools in the bag!

This talk would've benefited from David having a clip-mic or better organised lectern/podium as David is very expressive and couldn't help back-handing the boom mic (which didn't really detract from the talk IMO).

The Magma Room was a bit echoey and had noise from outside bleeding in, and also the quality of the projected image was not great, making text difficult to read in some cases.

Otherwise a very well delivered talk. Could've maybe done with having a few code examples just to get an idea of what each component/behaviour/controller/model/view etc looked like, but really that's all I felt was missing. Thanks David - see you at PHPHants sometime soon no doubt :)

Anonymous at 12:34 on 21 Jul 2015