Sharing Knowledge


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A great talk about talking. Which seemed odd but actually is really good to get more speakers.

Mark Baker at 14:17 on 18 Jul 2015

Jenny, guaranteed to inspire almost anyone to start talking at conferences and user groups; more diversity in speakers, fresh faces, new topics

An inspiring talk from an accomplished speaker. My ambition is to one day know enough to be able to present. My take away from Jenny is start small and local and build up. Practice is key and a good abstract and title are essential to getting noticed.

A very inspiring talk from Jenny with a message we should all have heard!
Jenny does have a tendency to speak a bit (too) fast, but given the amount of time and content, I can hardly blame her.

I thought this would be "How to make sure you share knowledge with your colleagues, and how to make sure they share with you", but it was pretty much "How to be a conference speaker".