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Mark Bradley at 08:10 on 19 Jul 2015

Great end to the day. The laze quest was a great fun.

The board games were a brilliant idea. The people from fistful of dice were really friendly and helpful.

only problem was the drinks were very expensive.

Board games from Fist Full Of Dice were great and a really nice way to make new friends. But the highlight was the Lazer Quest which addictive and the most fun I've had for a long time, - as well as being a great workout.

Drinks were expensive but as someone who is not a big drinker it was fantastic to have other social activities.

The social was a nice ending to the day.

The dinner was nice though self-service would allow folks to choose exactly what they want (i.e. peas with the chicken and rice!).

I didn't have any interest in the board games, but I get the feeling that those who did, enjoyed it.

It was nice to get a beer on site, but I think the social atmosphere wasn't quite right, which is why most folks disappeared off to the local pub well before the venue curfew. That, and the as-expected price of the bottles being high.

Loved the Laser Quest! Definitely the best part of the social. Thanks Digital Ocean!

Tristan Bailey at 20:30 on 19 Jul 2015

Great day and nice to offer laser quest and Boardgames. Twenty minutes of running round is nice way to stretch after a day in chairs.

I would have liked to play the Boardgames but with so many people around to talk to it was hard to stop talking and go sit down for an hour when it's only a one day conference. There were quite a few who did though. A cheaper source of beer might have kept everyone in the venue longer but as almost everyone went to the same pub it was still a friendly social night.

I wanted to rate 1 because of all the aching today, but it would be unfair.

What is more awesome than lasers anyway?

The laserquest was ACE, the aftermatch of watching @rdohms failing to walk up stairs made it even better. The dinner service was a bit meh. After a long day a good bite is very welcome. A single serving was not quite sufficient, but I thought getting a second round was a bit rude, so I didn't. Then again, "free" food, so can't really complain.

Dinner was a nice, but not that much, I was still pretty hungry afterwards. That being said, I think it was great service, as this is usually when people scatter all over town looking for food.

The laser quest was awesome! Great way to get to know new people and who doesn't want to shoot @rdohms in the back?

Laser Quest was great, however, while Fistful of Dice were nice guys, it actually detracted from the networking. I got stuck in a game and when I came out most attendees had disappeared.

Also drinks were too expensive which meant most people went to the pub fairly early on.

This was an epic social. At least for me since i got sucked into Laser Quest all night. I really enjoyed the possibility to network with people in a different way, made some "war buddies" in that arena.

I hope for future events sponsors step in to pay for drinks for the first hour or two of the social so less people feel the need to abandon the social and head to the pub.

Anonymous at 12:31 on 23 Jul 2015

Lasers. That is all.

Laser quest was absolutely amazing. Also played a bit of a board game; that was cool. Food was decent. :D

Great to have laser quest on tap, man it was hot in there! Nearly missed food as went for the laser quest game, however some people after us missed out as it was cleared away - good job there was a fish-n-chip shop over the road. Didn't sample the drinks as was driving but everyone was mentioning the high price, abandoned the venue for the pub soon after the meal.