Modelling by Example is a set of practices that combine BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) and DDD (Domain Driven Design) techniques to create a workflow that directly drives code from a starting point of user requirements. We will see how a simple feature can be defined via conversation with stakeholders, captured as automatable requirements, and expressed directly in the object model using tools such as Behat and PhpSpec.


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Liam Wiltshire at 15:04 on 9 Jun 2017

I've been to a number of talks on BDD, DDD, TDD, etc before, and it's never really 'clicked' for me - until today. Totally got where Ciaran was coming from, a huge number of concepts have suddenly fallen into place!

Sean Wallis at 12:48 on 10 Jun 2017

Very well spoken. I liked the examples given and the way examples progressed throughout the talk. I would say however that the talk could have been delivered more concisely, leaving room for a bit more on behat perhaps toward the end.

Mark Railton at 16:28 on 10 Jun 2017

Had never really looked into BDD and DDD much before but this helped to give a brief overview of both and how they work together.

Nice clear presentation. I would have liked to hear a bit more about things like pitfalls and limitations of using DDD.

Lee Boynton at 19:09 on 11 Jun 2017

This talk really helped put things into place for me when it comes to how Behat can be used to model the domain layer, and can still be used to drive tests at the UI layer after this. It was good to find out how Behat and phpspec can be used together and it was also good to have the reasons explained as to why examples are important.

I hope to use this knowledge at work to implement client projects more effectively and closely aligned to expectations.

I would love to see slides up here :)

Thanks Ciaran!

Gary Jones at 23:44 on 11 Jun 2017

Beautifully and calmly presented, the business case for doing BDD in general, and the power that examples have in disambiguating client discussions was clearly delivered. The glimpses of the Behat tests were all too brief, but it inspired me to go and look (again) at BDD - thank you!

Naomi Gotts at 19:33 on 12 Jun 2017

Great presentation and really good example when discussing... examples! Really want to learn more about Behat and the layers at which it can be used in the future (appreciate that this was not the focus of this talk hence speedy progress through this area).

Very well paced and really informative talk. It was really nice to see the whole process from a conversation with the customer to the actual code and back, all in a single presentation.