Been meaning to get to grips with the whole Functional Programming fuss? This gentle introduction, packed with real-world code examples, will explore enough Functional Programming basics to whet your appetite and get you up to speed. We’ll create live coding magic using the beautiful Phunkie REPL, and will cover everything from function composition and pure functions, to high order functions, currying, pattern matching, and the power of lists – all in PHP, thanks to Phunkie!


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Liam Wiltshire at 11:45 on 9 Jun 2017

Not your usual introduction to functional programming! Not something I have much experience in, but something I'm certainly going to look into more.

An entertaining talk covering an introduction to functional programming. The content covered, including the use of Phunkie, was interesting and is something I'll look more into. In my opinion, there could have been more analysis into when the functional programming approach is appropriate and more on what the benefits are over other approaches but overall I enjoyed it. Thanks!

A very enjoyable talk. Liked the delivery and most of it made a lot of sense. The only thing I was missing was some examples on when to use it. In which use cases should I be using it.

Matt Brunt at 23:42 on 9 Jun 2017

The breakdown of concepts that I'd struggled to get previously into simple, easy to understand explanations was great.

Phunkie looks like a really neat library, and I liked the demonstration showing how the tool can work, that was really neat.

Some more examples on when to use such an approach would have been good.

Jason Stanley at 12:52 on 10 Jun 2017

Phunkie looks good. Functional programming wasn't something I wasn't too familiar with but gave a good crash course in the subject matter. The only issue for me is that the code slides didn't have syntax highlighting which made them a little difficult to read.

Tim Stamp at 20:37 on 10 Jun 2017

Nice overview of functional, good examples and thought provoking approach to PHP dev.

Chris Emerson at 22:26 on 10 Jun 2017

This was really interesting - it's a big paradigm shift though! I did find some of the library usage examples a bit tough to follow, but I'm certainly going to investigate further.

I'm reminded of "the curse of functional programming" - once you learn what functional programming is, you lose the ability to explain it to anyone else! I think you did a great job of explaining the advantages of it in the first half of the talk though.

Naomi Gotts at 19:24 on 12 Jun 2017

I probably didn't have enough pre-knowlege to truly take the most from this talk, but still good to learn new things!

A good talk. I didn't quite grasp the grid game example at first. Maybe a little more time explaining that would have helped?

There is some buzz about functional programming around me at the moment and I am still awaiting to have a play around with it. The talk helped a little more and I understand composition a bit more but I feel like the examples were not the best. With something like this that is a complete paradigm shift I would personally would have enjoyed a real world example that was closer to the web. That said, it was enjoyable to watch and well presented.

The first time in my life I felt I understood monads.

Neil Nand at 22:50 on 15 Jun 2017

Certainly a good way to give a talk on functional programming and introduce the Phunkie framework but I have a very limited knowledge of functional programming so could only follow so far.