PhpStorm is the industry’s leading IDE, but it has so many features that some of the coolest stuff can just sit there unexplored forever. Only since I started working at JetBrains have I discovered some of my now most used tools. Let’s have a quickfire run through what I think are my favourite features of the latest version of PhpStorm.


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A fun talk with some nice tips on PhpStorm.
The two features that I liked was the search everywhere that actually searches everywhere (duh!) and shows the shortcuts for more specific searches.
And the productivity guide looks quite useful too. :)

Jason Stanley at 13:01 on 10 Jun 2017

The only problem with the talk is that it was 20 minutes long. PHPStorm is a tool with tonnes of features and the short amount of time meant only the surface was scratched. Good for what it was but due to the short amount of time I didn't discover many new features I didn't already know about.

Tim Stamp at 20:51 on 10 Jun 2017

This talk could have covered a whole day and not covered all of my favourite features.
I will definitely be geeking out on some more shortcuts in the coming weeks.

Chris Emerson at 22:35 on 10 Jun 2017

A bit of a scattergun approach to looking at PHP Storm, but some stuff I hadn't come across before! While I knew about some of the live templates and postfix completion, I hadn't looked at them so far, so seeing them and how they work will make me take a closer look at them.

Didn't cover some of my own personal favourites, but there's so much to choose from that was bound to be the case ;)

Peter Fisher at 23:16 on 10 Jun 2017

I wish this was longer but I'm not going to mark it down as the content was great. I've just started using PHPStorm so this was very helpful.

Picked up a couple of great tips. Might be interesting to try to get people's favourite features and present something like a top-ten shortcuts or something.

Chris Sherry at 11:57 on 11 Jun 2017

Gary was entertaining to listen to as per usual!

As a list of features, I feel this is best communicated via a blog (of which Gary writes an excellent one, though that said - the productivity guide is an essential tool that I hadn't come across until now!

What I felt made this talk worth listening to however was that Gary was opinionated in the way he uses his IDE and it was really interesting to see someone else's way of working with their tools.

I think this talk could perhaps be improved by using distraction free workspaces and improved focus as the core of the talk.

Naomi Gotts at 19:39 on 12 Jun 2017

Entertaining speaker but the discussion was a bit all over the place.

Great talk. I'm sure you could dedicate an entire conference track to PHPStorm, and it'd be so useful.

Some nice tips. I didn't take enough notes so hoping the video will be on youtube soon.

I love seeing Gary talk, and this was a great style in regards to what treasures were being given away! Once again I learn't hidden things about PHPStorm which just makes me love the tool even more than I currently do.

Thank you Gary, again!

Neil Nand at 23:00 on 15 Jun 2017

Really good talk & well delivered I'd love to see a much longer talk on PHPStorm features in the future.