How many times have you overheard, (or possibly said yourself)

- My boss would never allow more time for testing
- It takes too long to write tests
- It’s too difficult to learn how to test, I wouldn’t know where to begin!

I’ll hold my hand up - I’ve said most of these at one point or another. Testing can be overwhelming.

In this talk I’ll break down the concept of TDD into a an easy-to-follow set of steps and demonstrate the process of building an entire feature using Laravel in a test-driven approach. You’ll learn how the implementation of your application should be shaped by the tests that are written up front. You’ll implement the right thing more often, and improve your code - in less time than you needed without tests.


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Sean Wallis at 12:24 on 10 Jun 2017

A clearly spoken and structured talk. The in depth example was very useful to my colleagues, although perhaps slow paced if you were familiar with Laravel. There were a lot of 'um's and 'err's, that didn't detract too much from the talk but were noticeable.

Katy Ereira at 20:30 on 10 Jun 2017

A good beginner talk for TDD with Laravel, and everyone loves some live coding. :) Thanks Amo!

Lee Boynton at 19:34 on 11 Jun 2017

I didn't see all of this talk, but Amo spoke very clearly and at a good pace. There was perhaps a bit too much back and forth between the IDE and the terminal, however this did reinforce the idea of doing TDD so not sure how else this could have been done.

If there was a way to reduce the amount of window switching/scrolling required this would enable more things to be covered.

Also, very brave to do live demos!

Thanks Amo!