An Oral History of How I Got Grumpy


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David Yell at 10:51 on 11 Jun 2016

A great talk about a career in PHP. Its nice to see the progression and draw some parallels with my own career.

Anonymous at 12:42 on 11 Jun 2016

Humorous, heartfelt and a clear message to being committed to your chosen path in life and values (quality, sharing knowledge and life balance). Thank you!

Katy Ereira at 16:29 on 11 Jun 2016

Inspirational talk about a career in PHP - success doesn't happen overnight, and it's not down to luck. Hope that PHP has the same kind of staying power for me. :)

Neil Nand at 22:42 on 11 Jun 2016

Great talk about his career progression with type on how to apply it to ourselves.

Daniel Shaw at 00:07 on 12 Jun 2016

Witty, entertaining, and personal. A good reminder to stick to your goals and principles.

Chris Sherry at 00:28 on 12 Jun 2016

I really liked how Chris was very frank about his reasoning behind his decisions, I think that honesty is really important in these talks about career choices and I thought it was a nice way to open the conference.

It's always great to hear about other developers past and their journeys. One of the points mentioned was about 'having a plan' - I would have loved to hear some insights about how he has dealt with when the plan doesn't happen or takes a different direction, and also a little more about his plans for the future too and how far ahead that plan stretches.

I hope to see more talks like Chris' of developers sharing their journeys in future and will keep an eye out for other talks from him.

Johnny at 08:20 on 12 Jun 2016

As an NFL/NHL/MLB/CFL fan who started writing in house PHP at the transition to v4 after being in a support role Chris's talk resonated hugely, especially around prioritising your mental health. Wish I'd plucked up the courage to say thanks in person.

Daniel Leech at 09:59 on 12 Jun 2016

In this keynote Chris, organiser of True North PHP and current employee of
Mozilla, talked about his career and the choices he made to get to where he is
now, explaining the importance of open source friendships and the community.
What I took away from this talk was that you should love what you do and if
you don't, then you should move on.

Jez Emery at 11:08 on 12 Jun 2016

A great talk highlighting the need to keep that work-life balance in check, we're only as good as our mental health.

A great talk, great content, great delivery.

A great person to have in the our community, just wish I got chance to sit and talk with him.

Alex Korbey at 13:30 on 13 Jun 2016

An extremely entertaining talk with some important messages about having faith in yourself and never giving up on your ideal job.

Mark Bradley at 11:10 on 14 Jun 2016

Great talk. Inspired me to sit down and think about my career goals.

As someone who rarely has a plan I found this very entertaining.

James Titcumb at 11:12 on 15 Jun 2016

I already learnt a fair amount from Chris just through following him on Twitter and reading 2 of his books. It seems I'm already on a similar journey to Chris in self-discovery and making a plan, and actually executing it! Good & interesting insights from Chris' career, with a nice "Grumpy" humour element to it.

Mike Simonson at 13:54 on 15 Jun 2016

Great keynote

Owen Gerrard at 16:03 on 15 Jun 2016

Inspiring and motivational talk, I thought. Found myself reflecting on my own career. Much taken away from this. Thank you.

It was really good to hear a frank and insightful talk about Chris' career path. It should have bad things (losing jobs, etc.) can be turned around to opportunities, the importance of being involved with the community and keeping up those connections you've made.

It certainly showed I still have a lot of progress to make (especially in those last two areas) but was inspirational enough to let me know that I could get there.