Anatomy of a Type System


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Julian Blundell at 15:08 on 11 Jun 2016


David Yell at 15:10 on 11 Jun 2016

A great talk on an interesting topic delivered well

Katy Ereira at 16:30 on 11 Jun 2016

Good talk on typing and even some really useful information and concepts for beginners and users of any programming language. Lots of theory worth listening to.

Neil Nand at 23:02 on 11 Jun 2016

Found this really interesting in understanding what's going on at a lower level, many bits did go over my head but being exposed to the terminology and ideas was still helpful and has given me a few areas on what to look into to better understand how programming languges work.

Chris Sherry at 01:11 on 12 Jun 2016

I had to duck out of this talk half way through, but the first half was a great explanation of what a type is and demystified some of the jargon used to differentiate the way the different languages work. I am definitely going to keep an eye out for the rest of this talk.

An enjoyable experience watching Anthony. A break down of what a type is was great, especially the low level parts. Great examples and explanation.

A must if you want to understand core PHP types.

Alex Korbey at 13:47 on 13 Jun 2016

A good talk with lots of information. Some information was above my und rstanding, but there was plenty for me to learn from. Lots to think about.

Matt Brunt at 14:32 on 13 Jun 2016

A very intricate topic covered in a way that made it much more easy to understand.

A lot of the points made were thought provoking and made me think about the semantic meaning behind a type, even if it's not any different at a technical level.

Tim Stamp at 10:58 on 15 Jun 2016

Fantastic analysis, Anthony came across very knowledgable, certainly teaching me more about how and why PHP stands out from the crowd, and how and why the direction of the language is progressing the way it is.

Mike Simonson at 13:56 on 15 Jun 2016

At last a comprehensive overview of the reasons for type systems.

Owen Gerrard at 16:09 on 15 Jun 2016

Brilliant talk, very insightful and educational. Excellent speaker - very clear and engaging. Perhaps a bit of a live demo to show how the strict mode works between a library and your code would be useful, such as which you were so kind to give us afterwards when we caught up with you post-talk. Thank you!