Extended in 30 Minutes or Less, or Your Money Back


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Daniel Leech at 10:03 on 12 Jun 2016

Sara demonstrated how to create a HHVM extension in 30 minutes (more or less).
At the end of the talk I felt that (granted that I do not know C) that I could
confidently set out to create an extension.

It was very engaging, and although at the beginning I struggled to understand
the code examples, I was quickly able to develop a basic understanding of what
was going on.

It was a pleasure to hear Sara talk.

This went well over my head when diving into the C code. This is not a bad thing, only feeds my curiosity to dive into HHVM extensions and PHP extensions (I have her book, but still not finished it).

Confidently delivered with expert knowledge (well, Sara was part of the team who created it).

The code was given in plenty of time to review before and go through on my laptop as she was giving the talk which was a great bonus t the talk. Thank you.

A great talk with excellent "live coding" - all the code was pre-written in sections of increasing complexity, so we just got to see how it runs. A really good way to show lots of code and still focus on the important parts.