HTTP/2.0 101 Introduction


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Really liked the content, very informative but Bastian needs to slow down his speaking!

Julian Blundell at 16:23 on 11 Jun 2016

excellent talk on what's coming very soon and how it will improve website response times

Katy Ereira at 16:33 on 11 Jun 2016

Bastian always crams his talks with a huge amount of really technical content; it's good if you're able to follow it, but did lose me at some points due to the fast paced nature. Would have liked to have heard more about HTTP 2.0 features instead of ways people had implemented HTTP 2.0-like functionality in HTTP 1.1.

David Yell at 20:36 on 11 Jun 2016

This talk could benefit from being cut down a little to focus purely on HTTP2 allowing more time to focus on it's benefits, rather than trying to cover everything in a single talk.

Neil Nand at 23:05 on 11 Jun 2016

I found this to be one of the, prehaps the best, talk of the conference. Helped me understand the difference between HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 2.0 and what that means for web developers.

Johnny at 08:48 on 12 Jun 2016

As someone who's been an unashamed back end dev for a long time it was super useful to catch up on the latest, my only criticism would be that as much as I found the history interesting, it felt like the actual benefits and improvements HTTP2 will bring were a bit rushed.

Daniel Leech at 10:03 on 12 Jun 2016

This was one of the more information-packed talks. Bastien covered alot of
ground, and I had to pay attention to keep track (admittedly I did lose the
thread once). HTTP 2.0 is something hugely important to web developers, so
would recommend anybody to see / watch this talk. I will be watching it again
if a video is released.

Alex Korbey at 13:51 on 13 Jun 2016

Wow, so much content in the time allotted. Very informative but very "brain heavy". I liked hearing about the origins of http 2.0 and it's functions.

Matt Brunt at 14:22 on 13 Jun 2016

Echoing other comments, the talk was very informative, but could be slowed down.

Also it focused a lot on the workarounds & functionality people used in HTTP/1.1 - I'd have liked to heard more about HTTP/2.0 and what it means for us.

Very good talk with great technical content though.

Really got me thinking about how congested the internet is getting and how we survive that. Great presentation.

Tim Stamp at 11:02 on 15 Jun 2016

There was a lot of content in this talk - I think some of the technical details could have been summarised for a smoother ride. I was left exhausted by the end from trying to take it all in, as it was being presented too fast.

Owen Gerrard at 16:12 on 15 Jun 2016

I needed to get home and update nginx and switch on http 2.0 support immediately, what a game changer! A little too much in-depth on the "bad old days" of http 1.1 optimisation techniques, as so much information was sometimes tricky to keep a track of, a couple of "wait, is that what we needed to do or what we're doing now?", but, ultimately, it was then something of a gobsmacking moment to hear that we no longer need to do any of it.

A lot of information in this talk! Could probably have slimmed down the HTTP 1.0/1 side of things and concentrated more on 2.0 I would certainly have preferred that - though I appreciate he was trying to paint a "before and after" picture.