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Neil Nand at 23:11 on 11 Jun 2016

Wasn't sure what to expect, never seen Jeopardy before, great finish before the social though.

Daniel Shaw at 00:20 on 12 Jun 2016

Witty, laid back, and the perfect way to wind down from a day of learning. And I loved your suit :)

Chris Sherry at 01:28 on 12 Jun 2016

Jeremy is a fantastic presenter and really knows his audience well. This couldn't have been any better, great stuff.

Lee Boynton at 20:39 on 12 Jun 2016

This was absolutely brilliant :) You are the ultimate Archbishop of Banterbury Jeremy!

Excellently done and a great ending to a fantastic day. I have only ever seen JeoPHPardy via tweets previously, and I loved it just as much. I hope to see this again next year ;)

Who was the sharpest dressed person at the conference, was incredibly witty and gave me the most laughs I've ever had involving PHP?

Jeremy Mikola was an absolute legend and JeoPHPardy was a fantastic way to finish up the conference!

Alex Korbey at 13:53 on 13 Jun 2016

Extremely entertaining and a great wind down after a busy day of learning. Still managed to learn a couple of things from the questions presented. Great fun.

This was brilliant. Just brilliant! Whoever came up with those questions... well done to them :) Very enjoyable indeed.
A great way to end the talks.

Matt Brunt at 17:33 on 13 Jun 2016

Jeremy had the perfect wit, attitude and humour for hosting this, what a fantastic way to relax after an intense day of talks!

That suit though... ;)

Mark Bradley at 10:44 on 15 Jun 2016

Great way to finish of the day. Funny and relaxing. Jeremy's suit was amazing.

James Titcumb at 11:24 on 15 Jun 2016

Superb and hilarious as always.

Mike Simonson at 13:59 on 15 Jun 2016

So stressful to know that you are going to blank on the key moment.

Owen Gerrard at 16:13 on 15 Jun 2016

ROFLMAOBBQ - what else is there to say?