The Secrets of Cryptography


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Julian Blundell at 16:26 on 11 Jun 2016

scared me good

Daniel Shaw at 00:17 on 12 Jun 2016

Very nice, simple, and clear explanations about how some aspects of cryptography works. Christopher has a talent for explaining complicated concepts in a way that's easy to understand.

I would prefer more diagrams, maybe describing things step by step, to help with understanding. But even the bits I didn't quite grasp had small nuggets I could take away.

Really interesting talk!

Chris Sherry at 01:04 on 12 Jun 2016

It was really fascinating to have cryptology explained, and Chris did a good job especially with his slides of explaining how each strategy worked. Unfortunately I have to say I got a little lost in the middle - there were some terms from the domain of cryptology I hadn't heard and I struggled with that. It's so hard to balance a talk to make it interesting for those who know a good amount about this field and keep it basic for someone like myself who this is all very new to. In hindsight this probably wasn't the talk for me, but regardless I still learnt lots and it's given me a good base to do some research on.

An excellent talk - Chris clearly knows what he's talking about! In some parts it would have been good to have more content on the slides like definitions of terms - there are a lot of acronyms in cryptography and it can be hard to remember which is which.

The diagrams showing the operation of ciphers were also good, but perhaps could benefit from a couple more states so we could see how the data flows through them?

Alex Korbey at 13:43 on 13 Jun 2016

Really enjoyed this talk as well as a brief history of cyphers. I admittedly got a little lost, but the diagrams were good. I'll be downloading the slides so that I can get my head around them in my own time.