Version Control - Tips, Tricks and Good Citizenship


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Thank you for the reminder that not everyone uses or can use Git. I also enjoyed the branching strategies advice.

David Yell at 13:11 on 11 Jun 2016

Nice to hear Subversion mentioned in relation to the 'real world', and good tips on version control generally.

Daniel Shaw at 00:12 on 12 Jun 2016

Good advice, confidently given. Tess clearly knows her stuff when it comes to versioning control. If you ever see this talk at future conferences, I encourage you to go speak with Tess afterwards about the subject, too.

Chris Sherry at 00:56 on 12 Jun 2016

Tess' approach to this talk surprised me a little (in a good way) that it wasn't just about .git. I've never used subversion but I got a nice feel from this talk about how it works and the differences between them.

Some slides were very busy and I wasn't sure where I was supposed to be looking, I think Tess could break up these slides into stages, similar to how she did with some of the opening ones. Although I like hand drawn things I think some of the slides around branching could have used a more formal format.

Confidently delivered with a obvious passion and knowledge of all version control systems.

Tim Stamp at 10:55 on 15 Jun 2016

Nice to see the community promoting good practise in regard to version control, and how auto-merge can have unintended consequences!

I really appreciated seeing a talk about version control that wasn't Git specific and didn't have the air of, "You're not using Git? Both you and your project must burn in Hell!"

Lots of good advice, including tips on branching strategies and things to look out for such as blindly auto-merging.