Codeception, because tests can have frameworks too!


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Very interesting talk, well presented and good pace. Timing also good. Well done!

protip: see if you can present with some more intonation, it was a little monotonous.

Anonymous at 12:31 on 22 Nov 2014

Fantastic, to the point, a rarely good talk I've enjoyed thoroughly. The only drawback - I have to use that tool now :)

Great talk! Never heard of such thing, but it seems it'l work great with Symfony, can't wait to try it :-)

Anonymous at 12:56 on 22 Nov 2014

Great talk Luka!

Interesting talk by a talented presenter, impeccable delivery

Even though we use Codeception, I've heard quite a few new intriguing things I want to try out ASAP. The delivery was very smooth and convincing. I wouldn't mind a few more detailed examples, especially for some non-standard but useful modules. Thanks!

Always good tidings when on the meetups that I plan to visit among the speakers I see Luka, because I know that this will be another well conceptualized and what is also important interesting talk. Examples from real life always raise the mood.
As in previous talks and this has given some new tips and ideas for improvements.

Keep it up!

Quite good introduction to Codeception it got me interested to try it myself.

Really good clarification of different types of tests (unit, functional, acceptance).

This presentation has definitely awakened my interest for the Codeception testing framework.

Great talk by Luka, as always!

Have read about Codeception a little bit before, but I now understand it better and have a better idea of when it might come in handy

Amazing talk. I was familiar with Codeception earlier, but I enjoy in this presentation.

I used Codeception before, but presenter was keeping my attention. Also he pointed out different types of testings we can write with this tool.

Presenter was fun, clear, and did a excellent job.

Excellent presentation, as always. The only objection was that fonts could have been slightly larger on the code examples, it was a bit hard to read for us sitting in the last rows.

Good presentation with examples. That's what I love!