Continuous Delivery 101


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Well delivered overview of CD and what the benefits are. Liked the custom made dashboard as well.

Nice overview, although some parts of the presentation were about Semaphore app, which in my opinion was more useful to those people that are using it. I wouldn't mind if this talk was more about CI in general.

Good intro to Continuous Delivery! I think focusing a bit more on the exact specifics of Semaphore's approach to it would make more sense, although one needs to be careful not to make it a sales pitch.

Nice talk, a couple of suggestions: make it clear that the examples show continuous integration of semaphore itself, plus maybe add what companies (both paying and open source) are using it?

Nice overview of CD, good examples of semaphore possibilities and features.

CD is very interesting topic for me, and this was excellent presentation about it, i really enjoyed.