I walk in the shadow of valley of tests


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A really enjoyable talk, loved the various references you made in your slides. Good pronounciation and speed. Well done!

Just a small pointer here: you ended your presentation in about half of the time, so either add some more content or talk more in-depth on the slides you have so you can fill a full hour.

Always a fun ride, especially with mentions of popular memes. Very good fit for this conference.

Anonymous at 22:54 on 22 Nov 2014

Presentation had too many comics. It felt like Srdjan was browsing image library.

Really cool, well-paced talk. If I had to pick one downside, it's the very slight lack of eye contact with the audience. Other than that, if anyone came to the conference without any motivation for automated testing whatsoever, the talk had to make them wonder at least. :)

It was a nice motivational talk that was very fun at some moments and I expect it will push people in the right direction.

Nice set of pointers to how to begin with testing!

Loved comic spin :)

Interesting presentation, especially considering the audience was made up predominantly of people not doing any testing

Very interesting presentation, maybe I didn't learn too much new things, but Srdjan told it in a much funnier way, so he strongly motivated me.

This was nice introduction in testing arena. This was fun and motivated talk. Comics was funny, but they overpower the presentation. Less fun parts could be more effective than too many jokes by any cause.

Q&A session was best part, and Srđan give a pragmatic and clear answers to audience. Next time I expect more advanced talk by this great presenter.

Anonymous at 11:23 on 27 Nov 2014

Good motivation talk. Keep it going ;)