Moving Fast Without Deploying Broken Things


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Exceptional good presentation, had to agree with every slide and felt Sebastian confirmed to me I was doing a good thing. Thanks for sharing.

Great overview and some behind the scene info on how new features are being developed. Thank you!

Leaned quite a few things and some of my views reaffirmed

Very useful info on everything from terminology to PHPUnit internals. Thanks!

Good overall presentation covering different aspects of testing web applications. It was a very informative talk although I wouldn't mind if it was a more of an in-depth talk from PHPUnit creator itself.

Great talk, was nice to learn new things and confirm I'm doing things correctly in my testing.

Great talk. It felt good to hear from the creator of PHPUnit, that I'm using it the right way, for the most part :)

Extremely useful presentation, I learned a lot for a very short time.

Great presentation with lot of information. I learned a lot from Sebastian at this presentation. He showed us what is the proper way to test real word application.

Anonymous at 11:23 on 27 Nov 2014

I am always pleased to here good advice from certain people! Great talk.